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We often hear that "the clothing is elastic" and "stretches well" when buying professional medical clothing these days. Such stretchy property is provided by a material called spandex or elastane.

What is spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic fibre that, when produced, consists of long and short elastic threads, the combination of which makes this fabric elastic.

What's the right name? Spandex, elastane or lycra?


These words are essentially synonyms for the same material. The only difference is that the term "spandex" is common in North America, the term "elastane" is more commonly used in Europe, and the term "lycra" is the patented name for the material produced by DuPont.

What properties does spandex have?

Spandex is light-weight, stretches well and is very durable. Thanks to these properties, the clothes with spandex are wear-resistant, ergonomic, breathable, moisture-resistant, crease-free and don’t need any ironing, which saves you a lot of time.

Is there any spandex in clothing from KOI?

Most of the collections of clothing from KOI contain spandex. This can be seen in the description of fibre composition. KOI medical clothing contains 5-10% of spandex, an optimum amount providing a very good elasticity.

You can also find more information about looking after spandex-containing clothes in one of our blogs.


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