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Get inspired by nature and bring spring colors to fashion - bloom!

Finally the frost has receded and we can really feel the first warmth. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and snowdrops are blooming - it's the right time to prepare for spring and renew your work wardrobe. In the warm season we want something light, soft or bright and colorful.

Medical and beauty workers can enjoy the glory of spring and brighten up their daily work.

What colors to choose in the spring of 2022 to feel modern and comfortable at the same time?

Pastel colors create a feeling of peace and safety. They do not get tired or distract, creating a neutral pleasant atmosphere that "relaxes the eyes". Therefore, they will be an ideal choice for people who do not like excessive attention. Pastel colors are easy to combine with other colors.

1. koi Light orchid - soft lilac tone that goes very well with other pastel colors. Saturated lilac and violet tones can be used to create a monochrome set.

2. koi More pink - very light and feminine pastel pink color, which is an ideal choice for women with pale skin.

3. koi True cell  - a pastel blue color of peace and quiet that will give a feeling of freshness. A very universal color that will fits everyone.


After winter, people are definitely tired of gray tones, so bright colors are just in time! They will decorate not only your daily life, but also the lives of the people around you and bring positivity to your work routine.

4. koi Ruby - red is one of the most common colors that will never go out of fashion. If you add red to your wardrobe, you will definitely attract attention from others, especially if you combine it with one of the more brighter colors. Red can be perfectly matched to lavender, white, beige or black colors.

5. koi White - a simple but always up-to-date color that can be dressed both individually and combined with bright tones.

6. koi Azalea pink - one of the main colors in the spring of 2022. Highly saturated and expressive pink color that will complete any look.

7. koi Royal blue - saturated and slightly muted  bright blue color, which perfectly matches almost all colors of the palette.

8. koi Caribbean - a sea wave tone in the color spectrum between blue and green. A very relaxing color with her raisin, but not attracting much attention.

It is possible to feel modern and comfortable at the same time. The variety of koi colors will help you to find clothes for every taste. Be with koi and enjoy everyday work together with your exquisite style!

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